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Looking for more already?! Don't forget about Dina's Loose Leash Walking MINI COURSE that is also available now! Learn how to achieve the one skill that every dog needs...walking on a loose leash. 

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Essential Skills & Games

What you'll learn:

  • Develop basic management, exercises and motivation to energize your daily training.

  • Designed to be fun, enhance your learning with dynamic and engaging lessons.

  • Learn key concepts for training, games, and basic obedience.

  • Uncover the steps for successful puppy training and socialization.


What People Are Saying:

Simply put, Dina is THE BEST dog trainer you’ll ever meet! Unlike most trainers, her philosophy centers on creating a loving bond with the dog focused on mutual respect and playful interactions. Your dog is going to WANT to do what you ask of them no matter how hard it is. Every interaction with your dog offers opportunity to teach new things or reinforce what your dog already knows. This way it is fulfilling for you and your dog while also being fun! Dina knows exactly what your dog needs. Because of this, your dog will learn quickly giving you the results you wish sooner rather than later. Yes, you will need to do your part too being consistent with it but it will be fun and won’t feel like a chore. We would not recommend any other trainer for your dog needs.

Alex Cataldo

Dina was able to stop the unwanted behaviors, help us bond, and enjoy our time with the puppy. I don't know what we would have done without her! She is also very knowledgeable and helpful; she doesn't just tell you what to do, she tells you why and uses proven science-based methods. I've worked with many trainers over the years and Dina is the absolute best I have encountered.


Over a lifetime of having dogs, Dina is the best instructor we've ever hand. She's smart, clear, kind, fun, and patient. There's no behavior she doesn't know how to help with. She so clearly loves what she does and was amazing in including our 8 year-old daughter in the sessions. And she was able to effectively do it all over Zoom!

Katherine Tigerman